Episode 15 – PORAC’s Use of Force Bill SB 230

March 12, 2019

On this episode of On The Job With PORAC, Brian Marvel and Damon Kurtz continue the discussion on use of force legislation - specifically PORAC supported SB 230. This is a plan to address the issue comprehensively with training, updated policies, etc., versus AB 392 which would simply criminalize officers. It’s vital that we all understand what’s at stake here and that everyone does their part to urge elected officials to support this legislation that will actually improve outcomes for community members and officers alike. Tune in to learn more!

Episode 14 – The Future of AB931

February 6, 2019

On this episode of On the Job with PORAC Brian Marvel, Damon Kurtz, Randy Perry (Aaron Read & Associates), and David E. Mastagni (Mastagni Holstedt, A Professional Corporation) dive into the future of use-of-force legislation, compared to last year's AB931. As we’ve heard in previous podcasts, this type of legislation will have considerable impacts on law enforcement officers; therefore, it is critical that we have a seat at the table in getting it right. This is one of the biggest fights the law enforcement community will face this year, so it’s important to understand what’s at stake and what to expect as the legislative session ramps up. Tune in to learn more about our approach here at PORAC and how we’ll all need to work together to see that measures as drastic and dangerous as AB931 don’t become law.

Episode 13 – Welcoming in PORAC’s New VP and Treasurer w/ Special Guests, Damon Kurtz and Tim Davis

January 8, 2019

On this episode of “On the Job with PORAC,” Brian has PORAC’s recently elected Vice President, Damon Kurtz, and recently elected Treasurer, Timothy Davis, on the show to talk about their history in law enforcement and how they are looking ahead to a new year for PORAC.  Damon Kurtz is a 24-year veteran who started as a Deputy in Santa Barbara and has now been with Fresno PD for the past 14 years.  Damon was formerly President of Fresno POA and Chairman of PORAC’s Insurance and Benefits Trust.  Timothy Davis, the son of a police officer and father of police officer, began his career with Sac PD in 1998.  Just two years in the job, Tim joined the Sac POA Board of Directors and three years ago was elected President of Sac POA, while also serving on PORAC’s Board of Directors.  Join us on this podcast as we welcome in our new PORAC leadership and see what’s in store for 2019.  

Special Episode – PORAC’s Work Comp Legislative Victories w/ Special Guest, Randy Perry

December 19, 2018

Today, President Marvel and Randy, with Aaron Read & Associates (ARA), talk about PORAC’s 2018 legislative victories.  In a time where law enforcement is constantly playing defense against bad bills, PORAC continues to work with our legislative advocates at ARA to sponsor and support critical public safety measures.  In 2018, PORAC sponsored two work comp bills that made it successfully to the governor’s desk and received a signature. The first bill, AB 1749 by Assemblymember Daly, was a result of the 2017 Route 91 shooting in Vegas.   This bill ensures that California’s Workers Compensation System covers peace officers who acted outside of state boundaries and were injured, regardless of their injuries.  The second successful PORAC sponsored bill is SB 1086 by Senator Atkins which extends the survivor death benefit eligibility to ensure that these officers’ grieving families are not deprived of the benefits they deserve due to an arbitrary and unfair timeline.  Please listen in for more!

Episode 12 – A Proper Send-off w/ PORAC’s Outgoing VP, Brent Meyer

December 13, 2018

On this episode of “On the Job with PORAC,” Brian Marvel talks with PORAC’s outgoing Vice President, Brent Meyer.  Brent is stepping down from his role at PORAC to go back to where it began as a cop for Sac PD.  Tune in to hear how Brent first got involved in police union politics with Sac POA and followed his calling to be on the PORAC Board in 2010 and then VP in 2013.  Brent brought a bold vision with him to PORAC, which resulted in remarkable membership growth, a new approach to communications, and a goal to ensure that our members have all the resources necessary to do their jobs.  Thank you Brent for everything you’ve done for PORAC.  You will be missed!

Episode 11 – Legislative Year in Review w/ Randy Perry, Aaron Read & Associates

December 5, 2018

On this episode of “On the Job with PORAC,” Brian sits down with PORAC’s legislative advocate, Randy Perry, with Aaron Read & Associates (ARA), to discuss PORAC’s priority bills in the recent legislative session.  ARA monitors the thousands of bills introduced each year to ensure that PORAC is represented at the Capitol on all matters of public safety.  Outside of bills such as AB 931, SB 1421, and AB 748, as we discussed in previous podcasts, PORAC faces many other legislative issues such as peace officer training, workers comp, pensions, bargaining, POBR, and equipment funding and acquisition. 

Tune in to hear how PORAC and ARA work together to ensure law enforcement has the tools and resources necessary to do their job in the current political climate. 

Episode 10 – Ethics and Police Management w/ Special Guests Ed Mullins and Andrew Quinn, SBANYPD

November 15, 2018

Brian sits down with Ed Mullins, President of the New York Sergeants Benevolent Association and Andrew Quinn, the SBA’s General Counsel to discuss the high profile case of NYPD Sergeant, Hugh Barry.  Make sure to listen in to hear how the case against Sgt. Barry turned into political prosecution of extreme measures and why it is critical to have the protection and security of your association.  What happened in New York can happen anywhere, and it will.  Law enforcement must stick together to protect our officers when they need it the most. 

Episode 9 – What’s going on in the North Valley Chapter w/ Special Guest Peter Durfee

October 26, 2018

Join Brian and Brent as they bring on special guest, Peter Durfee (Chico PD, PORAC Director, and past President of the North Valley Chapter of PORAC).  On this episode, Peter talks about the North Valley’s staffing issues and how collaborating with the Chamber of Commerce and local businesses will help grow departments, and in turn, build relationships within our communities.  Peter emphasizes the importance of family, friendships, and why we do what we do.


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Episode 8 – PORAC’s Insurance & Benefits Trust w/ Special Guest Damon Kurtz

October 8, 2018

On this episode of “On the Job with PORAC,” Brian and Brent invite outgoing Chairman of the Insurance & Benefits Trust (IBT), Damon Kurtz, to talk about his role in the trust and the issues law enforcement is facing in the Central Valley.  Damon is a 24-year law enforcement veteran, current President of the Fresno POA, and has recently been sworn in as a PORAC Director.  Tune in to hear more about PORAC’s IBT, concerns with law enforcement funding and pensions, and what you can do to help.


To learn more about PORAC’s IBT go to https://ibtofporac.org/

Episode 7- Legislation Update

September 18, 2018

If you’re a California peace officer, you’ll want to listen to this podcast.  On this episode, PORAC President, Brian Marvel, provides an important update on critical legislation that could impact you, including:

  • SB 1421 by Senator Skinner, relating to the release of records (on Governor’s desk)
  • AB 748 by Assemblymember Philip Ting, relating to the disclosure of video and audio recordings (on Governor’s desk)
  • AB 931 by Assemblymember Shirley Weber, relating to use-of-force (held in Senate Rules Committee)

Fortunately, AB 931 was defeated for the year, but the issue remains.   On this podcast, President Marvel discusses PORAC’s commitment moving forward and our determination to continue to highlight the honest and professional work our officers do. 


Tune in to get a more in-depth look at these bills and the future of law enforcement.